Duterte: Dumlao is the mastermind in Jee Ick Joo's murder

Duterte: Dumlao is the mastermind in Jee Ick Joo's murder

President Rodrigo Duterte announced in Malacanang that he was giving Superintendent Rafael Dumlao 24 hours to surrender.

Otherwise, the President would give a five-million-peso reward for anyone who would be able to get him, dead or alive.

In a press conference at 10:30 pm Sunday in Malacañang, Duterte warned Dumlao, “I am giving you 24 hours. Pag hindi (if not), that reward goes into effect.”

He futher told Dumlao, “if you are listening to me, you better surrender and clear yourself if wala kang kasalanan (if you have done nothing wrong). If not, I will offer, dead or alive, five million!”

As for those who would be able to find Dumlao after the 24-hour deadline has lapsed, the President said, “dalhin mo dyan sa gate ng Malacañang, okay sa akin (bring him there at Malacañang gate, that is okay with me). If you bring him dead, the better.”

Dumlao, a police colonel in the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (PNP-AIDG), had left Camp Crame at midnight on Friday where he was under restrictive custody.

In the same press conference, however, PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa informed the President that Dumlao had actually returned to Camp Crame on Sunday afternoon.

In the same briefing, Duterte told mediamen that investigators had confirmed Dumlao was the mastermind in the kidnapping and murder of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo in October last year.

“Investigators are telling me na sya talaga (it is really him),” Duterte said.

Duterte noted, there was conspiracy in the killing of the Korean executive.

He said all those linked to the murder have been accounted for, except for the assets of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) implicated in the crime.

He ordered NBI Director Gierran to produce these assets within 48 hours.

He warned Gierran that if he fails to present the NBI assets within two days, he might get relieved from his post as NBI Director.

“Yung assets nyo, if you don’t get them, it’s your neck,” he told Gierran during the press briefing.

Duterte said, if the NBI assets would not be caught in two days, a one-million-peso reward will be given in exchange for any information leading to their arrest. [Read more: ManilaStandard]
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