Bianca Gonzalez: 'Hindi lahat ng nakikiisa sa EDSA ay dilawan'

Bianca Gonzalez Says 'Hindi lahat ng nakikiisa sa EDSA ay dilawan.', EDSA Revolution Is Not Just for Pro-Aquinos

TV Host and model Bianca Gonzalez is known for being very vocal about her political views.

Recently Bianca had shared her comments on Twitter, declaring that not everyone who joined the historic rally was pro-Aquino or 'dilawan'.

Last Saturday February 25, was the anniversary of the People Power Revolution at EDSA Shrine.

It can be remembered that the “People Power” or EDSA Revolution of 1986, is the historically peaceful demonstration which toppled the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

The color yellow is, of course, associated with the Aquino administrations of late President Cory Aquino (1986-1992) and her son Benigno Aquino III (2010-2016).

Supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte have also used the term “yellowtards” as a derogatory phrase to describe the Aquino supporters.

Bianca mentioned in her tweets that the People Power Revolution is more than just the issues between the two political dynasties.

According to Bianca, the Revolution is celebrated because all Filipinos banded together to restore democracy in the Philippines.

Bianca Gonzalez has been praised and criticized for her beliefs. It can be remembered that a couple of years ago, Bianca posted on Twitter her own criticisms of President Duterte’s methods and views.

She did however admit that the current administration has had its fair share of good points. (Source: TNP)
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