Viral: 'Blind devotion' - This couple proves that love truly knows no bounds

This Woman Loses Her Eyesight in the Middle of Their Relationship but What Her Husband Does Will Bring You to Tears!

  • Cecilia and Louie's love story is true #RelationshipGoals
  • She lost her sight but he shows her the way back to love.
  • This couple proves that love truly knows no bounds!

Many of us dream of a perfect relationship—-no fights, no conflicts, and no drama involved—-but what happens when something really drastic occurs?

This happened to a woman who was living a great life with her husband, fully in love, when something came about to change the way that she and her husband lived. Cecilia was your average woman—she liked to cook, do laundry, and take care of her significant other.

Facebook fan page ‘Jubilee Project’ released a video that told the story of how this couple’s lives drastically changed because of what had happened to Cecilia.

In the beginning, it seemed as if nothing was wrong.

Cecilia can be heard narrating, “I love my husband. I love him even though his snoring wakes me up every morning. So I’ll scare him awake.” And then she would proceed to surprise him in a teasing manner, which makes him laugh the minute he wakes up.

According to Cecilia, she likes cooking delicious food for her husband and even declared that he likes “eggs with everything.” She is extremely devoted to him and would do the laundry every day, no matter how much he insisted that he should do it himself.

She said that every time she left for work, her husband would always watch her walk away after they exchanged kisses and hugs. According to her, “I know he loves me. Because every time I head off to work, I feel him watching me leave.”

And then her husband would call her: “Hey, Cil!”

And she would turn back to his eyes full of love and extreme devotion, “You look beautiful.”

And then Cecilia would blush, giggle, and then smile all day. It’s their ritual as a couple but one day, as Cecilia was crossing the road, she began to lose her vision. Things start to turn blurry and this bothers Cecilia so much that she no longer acts as like the same woman that her husband loves. [via: TNP]

Watch the whole tragic story here:

Blind Devotion
She's afraid he'll stop loving her...but he proves that he won't.
Posted by Jubilee Project on Friday, February 10, 2017
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