Trillanes: 'Mulat na ang bayan, Duterte impeachment start early as May'

Trillanes says Pres. Duterte impeachment just months away

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV told economist and television host Solita Monsod during Monday's episode of "Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie" that former police officer Arthur Lascañas' revelations could lead to the impeachment of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Furthermore, Trillanes believed that impeachment could begin as early as May this year, depending on how the public would receive the former cop's assertions.

"Hindi naman ako fortune-teller. But I feel that itong Lascañas testimony na ito ay magmumulat sa mga kababayan natin," Trillanes added.

"Hindi ito madali. I agree," he, however, conceded. "Talagang ganoon siya (Duterte). Kuhang-kuha niya ang kiliti ng taong bayan. Pero sabi ko nga, ako naman ay persistent. I can be stubborn to a fault."

Lascañas, a former Davao City cop, had publicly attested to the existence, and admitted to being a member, of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS) vigilantes.

He also said that the DDS had its beginnings in an anti-crime task force Duterte created as Davao City's mayor. However, then Mayor Duterte then allegedly started ordering the vigilantes to target his political enemies.

Meanwhile, Trillanes, while admitting that impeaching Duterte was difficult at best, pointed to the case of former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada as an example of a president being ousted despite massive popularity.

"Kung maalala ninyo yung panahon ni Presidente Erap, kontrolado din niya noon yung House of Representatives. In fact, very very popular si President Erap noon, higit na mas popular siya kay President Duterte sa ngayon," Trillanes explained.

"Pero, gumulong ang tadhana, na-impeach pa rin siya (Estrada)," he added.

Trillanes also believed that his fellow senators, perhaps sitting as an impeachment court, would have to rule against Duterte, especially if public sentiment leaned in that direction.

"Senators have their ears on the ground. They're objective enough to appreciate na pagkalumabas ang ibat-ibang issues laban kay President Duterte, mamumulat sila," he elaborated.

"Ang primary objective ko dito is impormahan ang taong bayan kung ano yung tunay na pagkatao ni President Duterte."  [Read more: GMA news]
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