LOOK: CHR Gascon napaiyak sa P1,000 budget para sa 2018

Dahil sa P1000 budget para sa 2018
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The Commission on Human Rights on Tuesday called the House of Representatives' decision to award it a budget of only P1,000 for 2018 a "display of vindictiveness," and said it will continue its mandate to fight for human rights.

In an interview with reporters on Tuesday, CHR Chairman Chito Gascon also described the House's move "arbitrary, whimsical and capricious."

"We don't know what the reasons are for this determined push of the Speaker and the majority in the House for doing this," he added.

In his initial remarks on the decision, Gascon said, "We had hoped that both the Speaker and the House Majority would have been persuaded by reason and necessity to allocate an adequate budget to CHR in order for us to effectively perform our constitutional mandate as an independent office to protect human rights."

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez had earlier vowed to give the agency a minuscule budget, accusing it of only defending criminals.

The CHR had earlier criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for "exhibit[ing] an utter disregard for due process, equal protection, and other civil liberties." But Gascon said that the CHR is only doing its job.

"We are merely performing our functions and our duties and the CHR in all circumstances. Whether during the time of President Duterte or the previous administrations, we have always taken a position for and on behalf of human rights against public authorities," he said.

Source: GMAnews
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