A Guideline In Correcting Errors In Your Birth Certificate

Legal documents are very important documents to possess by any individual. As such, making sure that you have the necessary documents as well as assuring that all the details written in it are true, is a really huge responsibility.

However, in some common occurrence, there will be mistakes in the details that are written. Sometimes, correcting these details are not an easy task.

This article will serve as a guide on how to correct mistakes on your birth certificate.

Blurred Information

If there are some blurred areas in your birth certificate, you can request a clearer copy from the Local Civil Registrar.

Incorrect spelling

If your name or any other details in your birth certificate is incorrectly spelled, you need to file a petition to correct the information that has wrong spelling.

Missing first name, last name, or middle name

To solve the problem of missing names, you have to file a supplemental report. For legitimate children, the parents should file an affidavit that is specifying the reason why they failed to provide the missing information. On the other hand, for illegitimate children, the bearer should be recognized by the father, and an affidavit should also be filed.

Incorrect middle name

If the middle name that is written in the birth certificate of the child is different from the mother, a petition for correction should be filed.

Incorrect middle name of both mother and child

In the event that both the mother and the child's middle name is incorrect, a case should be filed at the Regional Trial Court where the civil registry is located. This is not a simple clerical error and a lawyer should be present to verify that the information being supplied is correct.

Interchanged last name and middle name

This is considered a simple clerical error. A petition for clerical errors should be filed.
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