Anne Curtis' jawdropping house looks like a Hollywood movie set!

33-year-old Anne Curtis is an actress, VJ, TV host, and a wife all rolled in one. Her long story of success in show business has surely bore fruit! She is now married to the love of her life, and living the life enjoying her local and international success and accolades.

One thing Anne has to show for all this success is her breathtaking house in the south of the metro!

According to the half-Australian actress, she really chose to live in a suburban village in Metro Manila.

She says that as soon as one crosses the Skyway, he or she would instantly see the difference in the skies and even the weather!

Now, if you happen to drive by Anne's house, you'd have another reason to fall in love with the South. Just by looking at its facade and outdoor design, you already know that this house is fit for royalty!

If you set foot inside, though, you'd realizea that the wonders do not end there!

Can you imagine lounging in a living room that looks as fancy as this? Surely all this furniture were sourced from different countries all around the world!

Somehow though, despite the elegant vibe of the house, it still feels inviting and cozy.

Her house was designed by world-cla

Of course, Anne's room is the place to be in this whole house. Her bed looks like something from the movies-- something that young princesses would have growing up! 

Her personal bathroom has a single-person bath tub in it. Can you imagine how hard it would be to get up once you're settled in something as relaxing as that?

Anne's house also has plenty of outside spots for moments of reverie and enjoying nature! You know you could almost picture this quintessential gal enjoying her morning coffee or her afternoon book in this shady spot.

Indeed, Anne Curtis' home is dreamy and incredible, but we all know she deserves just as much for her talent, wit, and dedication to her craft!

God bless your amazing home, Anne! May you be blessed more and more that you may achieve everything you have ever dreamed of!

Source: The Daily News Blog
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