Hapong Inabandona ng pilipinang asawa, Nakamit ang malasakit ni Idol Raffy Tulfo

Raffy Tulfo has heard a lot of heartbreaking stories in his public affairs show. Still, the experience of Japanese national Hiroyuki Saito has got to be one of the saddest stories he has ever handled.

It is very difficult to lose the love of your life. Now, imagine having to fend not just for yourself, but for four children all by yourself—around the time of the holidays. Saito must have felt like he was fighting against all odds, having to sell furniture and personal belongings just to fill the plates of his family.

Even strongman Raffy Tulfo couldn’t help but get emotional hearing that the Japanese father sometimes have to rely on the mercy of his neighbors just to survive a single day.

Tulfo wanted to know what kind of mother would let her family suffer like this. He arranged a face-to-face meeting between the Japanese dad, his four children, and their estranged mother.

The heartfelt reunion scene was too much even for the veteran journalist, so much so that he wanted to make sure the Japanese national and the four kids still has a wonderful Christmas. He thought, this family has been struggling for so long—that they at least deserve to have a wonderful holiday experience.

Through his personal staff, Raffy Tulfo brightened up their home with special gifts and surprises like groceries and even new appliances. Merry Christmas, indeed!

However, Tulfo’s generosity did not end there. He also took the children to shop for toys and new clothes, while their father got a new laptop and cellphone that Saito could use for work! Overwhelmed and overly thankful, the Japanese national excitedly announced that he had actually been hired for a job, and will start working this January!

Now, to seal the deal and make sure the family could get back at their feet after the heartbreaking abandonment of their mother, Raffy Tulfo also decided to pay for all their debts and unpaid bills. This way, they could start anew and with a clean slate!

Watch this emotional roller coaster unfold in this Raffy Tulfo in Action episode:

Guess it's true what they say: not all heroes wear capes and Santa Claus doesn't always have a beard. Thank you for your kind heart and generosity, Sir Raffy Tulfo! Kudos for turning Christmas around for this family!

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Hapong Inabandona ng pilipinang asawa, Nakamit ang malasakit ni Idol Raffy Tulfo Hapong Inabandona ng pilipinang asawa, Nakamit ang malasakit ni Idol Raffy Tulfo Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Monday, January 07, 2019 Rating: 5