Masdan ang kamangha-manghang bahay ni Ryzza Mae Dizon!

Eat Bulaga's Aling Maliit is so cute and charming one would think she just lives in Hobbitown! But this little girl's success and fame have actually afforded her so much more. Since winning Little Miss Philippines in 2012, Ryzza Mae Dizon has had nonstop projects.

As a result, her family was able to invest in two cars, and this awesome 3-storey house in Quezon City!

Ryzza Mae's home is the perfect mix between modern and traditional Filipino. See, visitors would be greeted with gray, black, and white furniture-- with just a dash of orange. It provides a cool, sophisticated look to the whole house!

Their dining area looks straight out of a lifestyle magazine, with a round-table set up with chairs and counter tops that look like a million bucks.

Even Ramsay Gordon would feel at home with Ryzza Mae Dizon's fancy kitchen! It also seems like anywhere you sit in the house, you wouldn't miss Aleng Maliit's TV appearances!

Now, the rest of the house may be perfect for the modern adult, but one must not forget that Ryzza Mae is still just a little kid. Luckily, her family did not forget and made sure her bedroom perfectly reflected the little girl's quirky charm!

It's a burst of colors-- in contrast with the other rooms in the house -- complete with baby pink walls, bright yellow closets, and even a green carpet!

Her trundle bed seems perfect for sleepovers, and her closet would just make any young girl's heart swoon.

The master's bedroom is an amazing place, too! It is mostly decorated with dark colors like the rest of the house-- but it's also got Ryzza Mae Dizon imprinted all over it. It becomes apparent how much her parents love her-- if you look at the character rugs and small chairs that were obviously put to help her access everything in this bedroom.

For all her work even at such a young age, Ryzza really deserves to live in a house like this!

Source: Elite Newsfeed
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