Ito ang Kababalaghang bumabalot sa bansang Maldives

No one can deny the beauty of Maldives. Considered as the smallest country in Asia, Maldives is home to 1,192 coral islands. Because of this, it earned the moniker "World's Most Dispersed Country".

This looks like a heaven on Earth because of its cozy atmosphere and sheer natural beauty. Due to this, many people put Maldives as part of their bucket list destinations or places they want to go to.

But recently, there became a mysterious incident that happened in the very shores of Maldives. A newly wed couple from the Philippines were found lifeless in the waters of this beautiful country.
Erika and Leoner Lagdrilla tied the knot last January 13. They went to Maldives for their honeymoon but nobody saw it coming. It was said that they passed away due to drowning after snorkeling in a resort at Dhiffushi Island in Maldives.

One would think that this is an unfortunate, isolated case. But history records prove to be different.

The case of their untimely demise was very similar to an accident that happened to another couple, Irish Andrew Roddy and Gill Campion. Like Erika and Leoomr, they just married and wanted to spend their honeymoon in Maldives when tragedy struck them in 2017.

According to Gill, the lone survivor of the incident, they were also busy snorkeling in the waters of Maldives. They were holding on to friendly dolphins in the area when suddenly Andrew was out of sight and ultimately sank. However, despite what happened, Gill managed to get Andrew to the shores, but to no avail. Andrew's life was already taken away.

Gill couldn't believe what happened because it happened so fast! Andrew was right by her side all this time!

Meanwhile, according to Andrew's bereaved mother, everyone was shocked and puzzled to hear about Andrew's sad fate. It was mind-boggling because Andrew was an exemplary swimmer and was an active athlete all his life! That's why it was so hard to accept that he is gone for good.

Gill and Andrew's incident isn't the only event similar to Erika and Leomer's. 11 other counts throughout the years happened that had the same story as theirs.

Now, people have been wondering about the reason behind so many tragic incidents in the area.

One netizen in particular shared his experience with staying at Maldives. He noted one queer fact in a waiver that he was asked to sign. It said:

“in case of any ELECTROCUTION ACCIDENT due to the underwater cables”

Is it really necessary to place electrocution as one of the items for the waiver? Could it be that these wires underwater are the reason for so many accidents? We can only guess.

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