You wouldn't believe what this man found in his family's secret attic

As children, we often imagine our own house to hold several magnificent treasures from the past. We wonder if our grandparents left anything great, especially when it comes to ancestral homes.

Such musings are likely just a child's fantasy. But that's not the case for Rudi Schlattner.

Rudi Schlattner and his family left Czechoslovakia when he was young because of the threat of World War II. They left everything, including their old lives and childhood home.

But after several years, Rudi, already in his 80s, went back to this majestic home. His childhood home is now home to many school children. It now serves as a kindergarten school after numerous renovations and refurbishments.

However, Rudi wasn't just there for a homecoming. He was actually there to uncover something that might be more valuable than childhood memories!

According to their Rudi's father, he left several valuable items inside the house.

And so, at the first chance he could get, Rudi Schlattner went to Czechoslovakia to find out the truth!

With family, Rudi set out to find the lost items and to see for himself what lies hidden inside their very home.

Even after several renovations, nobody found anything valuable inside the house, but Rudi was determined to find it.

And lo! His father did not disappoint!

Rudi and his team went to the attic and found an odd loose board. And boy was he right!

Inside the small space was several packages of different shapes and sizes.

It took hours before Rudi's team could get all the packages in that small attic. But by the looks of it, Rudi Schlattner hit jackpot!

After opening each package carefully, Rudi contacted several appraisers and museum representatives to take a closer look at the items.

Rudi admitted that he wasn't in it for the money. Most of the thing found inside the attic were ordinary items with high historical value.

Unfortunately, Rudi wasn't allowed to keep his family's possessions because the items were already technically part of the Czech government. But, the old man was content seeing the things that were part of his life back then, and that his suspicions regarding their family house was true all along!

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