Agree ba kayo? Ang mga artista na ito raw ang may pinakamagagandang kilikili!

It's pretty hard to maintain flawless, spotless, and beautiful underarms. But some celebrities are really slaying it with this armpit game! It might be a mix of surgery, expensive skin care, and such, but it's really admirable when you see the beauty lurking underneath their arms!

Aside from having the prettiest ones, these celebrities also have the most viewed underarm photos on social media!

As of writing time, Sofia Andres owns the most liked and most viewed celebrity armpit in the country. And who could blame those fans? Sofia is one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, and it seems like everything about her is just simply perfect.

Bianca Umali just turned 18 last year, and netizens are just too thrilled to see some of her very first bikini photos! Many noted how her underarms are just too beautiful not to notice! It might just be the sexiest part of her body!

Beauty Gonzales has really wowed us in recent years, following her stint at the Pinoy Big Brother house. After walking a delicate fashion show for the first time, the world started to notice how sexy she really was, and how flawless she looks -- underarms included!

And wow, those arms!

Of course, this list would not be complete without this generation's princess, the very Nadine Lustre. The most amazing thing about Nadine's underarms is that they don't look like they've been put under the knife! The armpit lines are still there (unlike those that have been up for plastic surgery) but her underarms really look naturally gorgeous!

Netizens are all over Kris Bernal's bikini photos, because of course they are. Kris has proven that she is the penultimate leading lady, with her killer looks and phenomenal talent! Also, those pits are flawless!

Loisa Andalio has really slayed her career outside Kuya's house. Inside, she seemed like an innocent young girl who always gets in trouble. Outside, though, she has showcased sophistication and beauty. Of course, her armpits are one of the most liked and viewed on Instagram! I mean, those are iconic!

So, do you agree that these Filipina celebrities have the best, prettiest armpits? Or would you like to nominate other actresses who you think should be on this list? Let us know!

Source: Kicker Daily News
Agree ba kayo? Ang mga artista na ito raw ang may pinakamagagandang kilikili! Agree ba kayo? Ang mga artista na ito raw ang may pinakamagagandang kilikili! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Saturday, February 09, 2019 Rating: 5