Anak, Nabuking ang Mommy Niya na May Kahalikang Ibang Lalaki sa Loob Mismo ng Bahay Nila

It's tough living in a household where you're parents are constantl bickering to the point that you won't be able to have a normal day.

But it's actually worse off if you're parents are slinging you back and forth to each other, especially since an ongoing case with the local social workers is existent-- that dictates the days in which you can spend with your mother and father.

Such a family exists and that's how it is with the household of Bernalyn Arabes and Bernardo Leonardo.

Bernalyn, the mother of two children aged 7 and 4 respectively, went to Raffy Tulfo, seeking help with the custody of her children.

According to her, she last saw her two children on November 12, 2018 where her former partner and father to her children, Bernardo, never returned her kids.

Her ex-partner never answered her calls and wouldn't reply to any of her messages.

Good thing that Raffy Tulfo's team was able to contact Bernardo and the two parents met after a long while.

At first, it seemed like Bernardo had good reasons for not returning his children. He mentioned that his eldest daughter went to him and said that she woke up one night to the sight of her mother being intimate with another man-- an ugly driver.

That supposedly prompted him to take his children and leave.

But, Bernalyn denied all allegations. She said that they only had a party at her home and the man in question, Michael Rebutaso, was a friend of Bernalyn's sister.

Things escalated quickly when Raffy himself asked the child for the truth. The kid was sticking to the story of the infidelity but idol Raffy picked up that the kid might have been told to narrate that story.

Meanwhile, Bernalyn quips that it's impossible for her child to have seen her drunk with another man especially since she never drinks. She also mentioned that her daughter frequently told her that Bernardo kept pinching his daughter that marked her skin.

With all this confusion, Raffy Tulfo sought the help of Jurita Olivado to sort things out. Raffy was firm that if Bernalyn was of sound mind and body, and capable of bringing up her children in a safe and nurturing environment, their custody should be theirs alone. He also said that since the two children are minors and that Bernalyn and Bernardo are not married, custody is automatically granted to the mother.

Jurita advised the two to settle with an assessment through CSWD unless they bring all their woes to court.

To find out what happened next, watch the video below:

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Anak, Nabuking ang Mommy Niya na May Kahalikang Ibang Lalaki sa Loob Mismo ng Bahay Nila Anak, Nabuking ang Mommy Niya na May Kahalikang Ibang Lalaki sa Loob Mismo ng Bahay Nila Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Friday, February 15, 2019 Rating: 5