Babaeng 'English Speaking' Pinag-Tagalog Ni Idol Raffy: “Kanina Pa Dumudugo Ilong Ko”

Chairwoman Gloria Madriguerra took to Raffy Tulfo In Action in order to ask help from the radio television show regarding a woman who was spewing several hurtful words and allegations about her across the social media platform Facebook.

When asked what the issue was, the woman had replied “Siya po ay taga ibang barangay. Nagreklamo po siya sa ibang barangay tungkol po sa — eto po kasi, nagkasundo sila nung January 22, eto po si Marife.”

Accordng to Gloria Madriguerra, Marife is the nemesis of the woman they were complaning about, “siya po yung kaaway niya.”

Joan, who was the woman going on and on about Marife and Gloria Madriguerra on social media, had previously loaned money for Marife to buy a tricycle. She went on to file a complaint about Marife that was not valid at that time because the transaction happened in a different barangay, however they did their best to resolve it anyway. She then filed the same thing at a different barangay with much to say over the internet.

She wrote, “Permission to post Hinahanap at pinuntahan daw po sa bahay ng isang public servant at ako daw ay nagtatago sa takot dahil sa di pag kakaintindihan dito. Hindi po ako takot at wag na sanang magamit pa ang pangalan ng nanungkulan sa pananakot kung totoo man ang nagpaparating sa akin ng message handa akong humarap.”

Joan Mabalot was then advised to stop her rants because libel charges may be filed against her.

“It was a bugso ng damdamin,” she said.

“The tricycle was around Php50,000 and she only [paid] around 48,000 or 49,000 or something like that and at the same time all of my — some of my jewelry is under her name. I trusted the person that I was suppose [sic] to complain [about]”

Their issue had been previously resolved in a different barangay and then the woman, Joan, went to a different precinct to file the same complaint that had already been resolved by someone else before Chairwoman Gloria Madriguerra.

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A visibly irked Raffy Tulfo then went on to say, “Ma’am okay lang pong mag-ingles paminsan minsan pero huwag pong dire-diretso kasi hirap po akong intindihin eh” Raffy said, unsure whether he was implying that Joan’s English was hard to decipher for her grammar and misuse of words or if Raffy Tulfo does not speak it fluently as her.

“Hindi po ako makatagalog fluently eh.”

“American Citizen po kayo?”

“Hindi po sir, hindi po sir. Pero sa bahay nagagamit po namin 'yung English. Kasi po pag nagtagalog mas nakakasakit pa po ng damdamin eh.”

“Mag-tagalog po tayo.”

Joan then made her spiel about how sorry she was and that it was just a “bugso ng damdamin” after all, without hesitating to go on and on about how much jewelry he had. This was when Raffy Tulfo interrupted her again.

“Ma’am, ma’am mag-apologize lang po mauubos ang oras namin.”

Joan then said, “I apologize ma’am.”

Babaeng 'English Speaking' Pinag-Tagalog Ni Idol Raffy: “Kanina Pa Dumudugo Ilong Ko” Babaeng 'English Speaking' Pinag-Tagalog Ni Idol Raffy: “Kanina Pa Dumudugo Ilong Ko” Reviewed by pinoy patrol on Thursday, February 07, 2019 Rating: 5