Construction Worker, Nagoyo ng "Flight Attendant Kuno, Limpak Limpak na Pera, Inilipad!

This episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action serves as a reminder to each and every one of us to be wary of those people we only know online. This is the story of a construction worker who sent thousands and thousands of money to his "beautiful flight attendant" girlfriend, only to find out that he had been chatting with an elderly woman who is far from who she claims she is!

Erne Tagle sought the help of Action Man Raffy Tulfo to reclaim a total of P160,000 he allegedly sent to a girl he met online. Curious, Raffy started asking how they met, and how they actually forged a relationship without meeting personally.

That's when Erne showed photographs of the girl. 

Upon seeing the photos, Raffy agreed that the woman indeed was beautiful. However, Erne soon revealed some details of their relationship that prompted Raffy to doubt the legitimacy of it.

First, Erne said the woman, Abby, never agreed to video chat with him-- despite them messaging and talking on voice chat already for several months. If you have ever dealt with an online poser, you'd know that this is a huge red flag!

The details of the woman's supposed job are also confusing and suspicious. According to "Abby," she is a flight attendant on a chartered plane owned by a prince. Yep, it's like that infamous story of a Nigerian prince who is actually a hustler for money!

Here's the funny part: despite not being able to meet "Abby," Erne actually had a chance to meet her mother-- Mel!

According to Erne, Abby's mother turned out to be a sweet, elderly woman is already above 60 years old. He told Raffy that when they would meet, she would tell him all about her daughter, her line of work, and her life in general.

By now, you probably already have an idea how this story unfolds. Yup, Erne had actually been chatting with Mel, who just posed as a younger, hot flight attendant to score with men.

As if that isn't sad enough, she also uses these men to try and make a living!

Erne, for one, sent a total of P160,000 to his "online girlfriend." When things revealed the ugly truth, he of course wanted his money back! Mel promised she would send the money back, but Erne has not heard from her since.

To see how the rest of the story turned out, watch the whole episode below:

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