Iniwan ng Amang ito ang kaniyang Pamilya Para Magpakalasing, At Nang Umuwi Siya ng Bahay ay ito ang Bumungad Sa Kaniya!

A child's birthday is often a very special day for the whole family. Everyone is gathered together in celebration-- complete with balloons, presents, and even a birthday cake.

At least that's what happen to other kids, Janine thought.

It's Janine's birthday but her mother is busy doing the laundry for Mrs. Reyes while her father is off to meet with his friends.

"My only wish for my birthday is a taste of Chickenjoy," thought Janine. She has never tasted the chicken meal but she has always imagined that it would be good. She has been dreaming of this day ever since she watched the first television commercial for the popular fast food chain.

She was in high spirits when her mother, Lora, promised her the meal for her birthday.

"Sa birthday mo anak, promise," she said.

That was a couple of months back and finally, Janine's wait is almost over.

When Janine reminded her mother about their deal, Lora motioned Janine to go fetch her father so that they may celebrate her birthday as a family.

Janine sped through the streets in search of his father when the familiar rancid smell of alcohol touched her nose.

Eager to talk to his father, Janine forgot all about the other men seated at her father's table, drinking the day away.

One of her father's friends, Eric, noticed the little girl and said:

“Jerry! your daughter is here!” Daddy, Mommy is looking for you!”

Everyone in the table laughed.

Jerry, clearly ashamed at the sudden remark, scolded his daughter and replied:

“Go back to your mother. Tell her, I’m not coming home today!”

Scared of what he might do to her, Janine scampered away. She couldn't believe that her father forgot all about her birthday and the promise made to her!

Suddenly, Janine heard a loud crash. Her father is home!

"What the hell! Pinahiya mo ako sa tropa ko," shouted Jerry. "Wala ka talagang kwenta!"

"Anong walang kwenta?! Nakalimutan mo na ba kung anong araw ngayon? Birthday ng anak mo," Lora replied. "Paano natin siya dadalhin sa Jollibee kung lasing na lasing ka na naman?"

"Anong Jollibee?"

Jerry didn't even let his wife respond and smacked her right in the face.

Upon witnessing the dramatic scene, Janine could no longer hold her tears. Jerry noticed this and was about to give her a solid blow when Lora came and took another blow.

"Walang hiya ka talaga! Pati anak mo sasaktan mo?" said Lora.

"Letse! Aalis na ako!" With that, Jerry stormed off.

Jerry's friends were actually waiting for him at their table and jokingly said:

"Oh! Bakit ang tagal mo? Pinagalitan ka na naman ni misis, ano?"

"Hayaan mo na ganyan talaga ang mga babae! Iinom mo na lang yan!"

They resumed their session merrily.

At the very same moment, Lora started packing her bags. She was decided that she would leave her husband. The attempt to hurt Janine was the final straw.

"Tara anak, kain tayo ng Chickenjoy," Lora said to her daughter.

"Paano po si Papa," the child asked.

"Di makakasama ang Papa mo. Sa probinsya ng Lola mo tayo kakain ng Chickenjoy, anak," Lora replied. "Magce-celebrate tayo ng birthday mo!"

And they never set foot to their house again. Jerry came home to a house filled with darkness and a note from Lora saying:

"Dahil mas pinili mo pa ang makipag-inuman kasama ang barkada mo, hinding-hindi mo na ulit makakasama ang anak mo. Hindi na ako papayag masaktan mo ulit. Huwag mo na kaming subukang sundan. Paalam."

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Iniwan ng Amang ito ang kaniyang Pamilya Para Magpakalasing, At Nang Umuwi Siya ng Bahay ay ito ang Bumungad Sa Kaniya! Iniwan ng Amang ito ang kaniyang Pamilya Para Magpakalasing, At Nang Umuwi Siya ng Bahay ay ito ang Bumungad Sa Kaniya! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Saturday, February 16, 2019 Rating: 5