Ito pala ang Sanhi ng Pagkakaroon ng Maitim na Labi! Alamin ang lunas sa kondisyong ito!

Humans have natural pinkish to red lips. But some of us acquire darker lips because of several reasons. And since we want to maintain those red, kissable lips, here are some of the major reasons for darker lips, with a few ways on how to prevent and cure them!
One of the usual reasons for getting darker lips is frequent drinking of coffee. Our skin when subjected to caffeine gets darker over time. To prevent this sad fate, all you have to do is use straws when drinking coffee! Just don't use the plastic kind.

Lack of protection from the sun. Some jobs like farming and fishing involves prolonged exposure to the sun. And our skin isn't the only thing affected by its harmful rays. Our lips get damaged by the sun, too! To keep your lips at its best, make sure to apply some sunscreen or lip balm with a high SPF!

Another reason why you're lips get darker is the dehydration-- well basically not getting enough water. Your lips get dry, chap, and damage when you don't hydrate. So be sure to keep your lips and your whole body fresh just by regularly drinking water!

Now that you know the common reasons for having dark lips, its better to get your hands on these cheap and easy remedies to keep your lips supple, soft, and cherry red!

Use lemon and sugar: This homemade lip mixture can keep your lips soft and beautiful! Just rub a pinch of sugar to a slice of lemon and gently apply it to your lips. Keep it on overnight and rinse the next morning.

Turmeric powder and milk: Combine the two ingredients together to form a paste. Apply the paste onto your lips to keep it hydrated and soft. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Rinse and apply your moisturizer as desired.

Coconut Oil: This is probably the easiest remedy of them all. Just apply some oil directly on your lips. Make sure to cover them all. You may add this to your daily skin routine and apply as regularly as you want.

Finally, regardless of your lip color, the best way to remain beautiful is the warm smile that you keep on your face every single day.

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Ito pala ang Sanhi ng Pagkakaroon ng Maitim na Labi! Alamin ang lunas sa kondisyong ito! Ito pala ang Sanhi ng Pagkakaroon ng Maitim na Labi! Alamin ang lunas sa kondisyong ito! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Monday, February 25, 2019 Rating: 5