Kawawang Misis, Naiipit sa Gastusin Dahil Hawak ng Kabit ang ATM ni Mister!

Sometimes in life, we really just have to accept the fact that the people we love will not be in love with us forever. Wives cannot do much when their husbands choose to love other people. The best we could hope for is that they won't forget the obligations they have with us, especially when there are children involved.

This is exactly the point of this woman who sought the assistance of Raffy Tulfo.

Raffy couldn't hide his disappointment when he discovered the real issue: the man, who works as an OFW, does not remit enough money to his wife. Instead, it's his mistress who holds his ATM. Tulfo recognized how big of an insult this was to the legal wife.

Even sadder, the couple actually has children but the man didn't even have kids with his mistress. Obviously, it's his original family who needs the financial assistance more.

If you think that's not degrading enough, think about this: whenever the legal wife would need money, like for moments when her children suddenly falls sick and in need, she has to ask the mistress to send her husband's money to her.

When the Tulfo action team tried to get in touch with the husband to confront him about this situation, he wouldn't even answer. You know who did? The mistress' sister! Of course, the woman defended her sister. She said it's the guy who calls the shots, so she shouldn't really blame the other woman.

Come to think of it, the sister actually has a point. No one could compel the man to surrender his ATM to his number two. That is his full choice, and if he is a decent man, he knows it's the legal wife who is entitled to such privileges, given that they also have children to feed.

Things started to get real when the cheating man and the mistress' sister showed up to the show to air their side. Here's the big revelation: apparently, the sister is not informed that the guy and his legal wife aren't really separated. Obviously, the man lied and said he is no longer in a relationship with his wife.

For that intense confrontation scene, watch the video below:

Source: Youtube
Kawawang Misis, Naiipit sa Gastusin Dahil Hawak ng Kabit ang ATM ni Mister! Kawawang Misis, Naiipit sa Gastusin Dahil Hawak ng Kabit ang ATM ni Mister! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Thursday, February 21, 2019 Rating: 5