Laking Pasasalamat ni Rica Peralejo sa Kanyang Mag-ama Dahil Dito, Alamin!

Rica Peralejo was one of the brightest stars of her generation. She was destined for showbiz success. But even if her career was prosperous, she chose to leave it all behind and keep a private life.

Now she's proving that she made the right choice after marrying Joseph Bonifacio, a pastor from Every Nation Church. The couple tied the knot last 2014. They are now blessed with a son, Philip Nathaniel.

Even if she is now a private individual, Rica Peralejo couldn't really stay away from the limelight. With fans and netizens who are interested in the developments of her life, she is still famous online. And she's taking her whole family for the ride!

As we all know, Rica Peralejo was working hard for her career and admitted that she had to do mature roles in the past. But she's very thankful to have met her beau, Joseph, who helped her strengthen her Christian faith.

Rica recalled her wedding day in an Instagram post and she couldn't help shedding some tears with a caption that said:

"This was the one and only part when I cried a lot during my wedding. It was when Franco Laurel was singing the song @davidbonifacio [Joseph's brother] wrote specifically for the event."

The lovely couple recently celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary and Rica commemorated the event with another Instagram post. The lengthy caption proved that their love and respect for each other just grew stronger over time.

"9 years, 3 cars, 4 houses, 3 surgeries, 1 graduation, 2 masterals (ongoing), 2 local centers, countless plane/train,/boat rides, many many nations, several mountains, 1 diving accident, numerous hospital runs, 4 babies (1 on earth, 1 in tummy, 2 with Jesus)... And still, so much can’t be quantified in this marriage. Too many things in between where God and God alone was able to bring us through each and every season. It hasn’t been easy but I am sure God chose the one and only person I can perfectly go through all of these things with. All these years, all the joys and pains, but you are the only perfect person to share them with. I love you @josephbonifacio !!! Happy 9th year to us."

Even better than the announcement of their 9th anniversary is the reveal that Rica is now pregnant again! Congratulations to the family and stay in love!

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Source: PTAMA
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