Loving Husband Offers to Take Her Wife Back Even After a Foreigner Got Her Pregnant

Sometimes, all it takes is one innocent little chat to break a marriage. But often times, it happens when one of the partners engage in an affair, whatever reason for this may be. It leads to an unhappy marriage, a break up, and a tumultuous life for whoever is left behind-- in most cases, these are the children.

But some people love their husband or wife so much that they are willing to give their dishonest partner a second chance, especially for their kids.

That was the motivation of "Rico" to seek the help of Raffy Tulfo. He wanted his family back together. He wanted to be with his wife, regardless of her mistakes.

You see, what happened was, "Jigs", Rico's wife, met a foreigner on Facebook. They talked a lot online until one day, they finally met face-to-face in Puerto Galera. Ultimately, the two fell in love and even had a child together. They decided to elope and stayed at Pulilan, Bulacan for quite some time.

Rico was pleading for his wife to come home. He said that the whole affair was taking its toll on their child, who was dropped from the consistent honor roll at school. Jigs, however, was very hesitant to do so in fear of her foreign lover.

With this display of ignorance, Raffy Tulfo reminded Jigs that she should be scared of her husband! Since the American was away, the only person that can affect her life is her husband.

Now, Jigs is staying in Pulilan with her child with her American lover. The man named Bryan Richard Kendall left the Philippines not long before. Rico then told Raffy that Kendall kept talking badly at him. One time the alien even threatened to call the Barangay and the Police! Can you believe it?

Good thing Idol Raffy Tulfo was not taking any of his BS. He told Rico that he can have the man banned from entering the country. He can also have him investigated with the International Police to check for anything suspicious about him.

At the end of the day, Jigs was convinced to come home to her legitimate family. Raffy Tulfo was insistent on fetching the mother and child. Rico, on the other hand, said that he will protect his family and treat Jig's child out of wedlock as his own.

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Source: KAMI
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