Minsan Kung Sino Pa Talaga ang Nagpapakabanal, Siya pang May Pinakamasamang Ugali!

Nicole is the most religious woman on the street. She leads three different Church groups, and is active in two more. The resident priest of their local parish trusted her and always assigns her to do important things for other parishioners.

Other people, especially children, would look up to her and her faith. She always preaches about doing the right thing and remaining in the Good Graces of God. Nicole also could never leave the house without her rosary and her Bible, which she reads in every spare time she gets.

One day, after spending the whole morning doing errands for the Church, Nicole bid her friends goodbye, as she has some stuff to accomplish before that night's big event -- a retreat where she has been chosen to share her life story in front of millions of Churchgoers.

"See you later, amigas. Don't be late, ha! It's a good chance to get closer to God, and you might miss my speech if you don't come early!" Nicole said.

Just like that, Nicole went on her way home. Right after sitting down on an old jeepney, Nicole fished her old reliable Bible and started reading it. She even propped it high to her eye level, so the other commuters would see how religious a woman she is.

Soon enough, though, a lady got in the jeepney. She looked young, like she was just 16. However, she already has a toddler along with her, and she was very much pregnant, too! Nicole couldn't help but notice, so she put the Bible down. Other passengers thought she would offer some words of encouragement and prayers to the young girl, but what she did next shocked everyone.

"Disgrasyada! Malandi ka siguro, ineng, dala-dalawa na ang anak mo, siguro magkaiba pa ang tatay, ano?" Nicole arrogantly exclaimed, loud enough for everybody to hear!

Out of shame, the woman hid her face and alighted the jeepney while crying, even though it was not yet her stop!

That's Nicole's dirty little secret: she could not practice being good, no matter how much she preaches about it!

That night, the big event that Nicole has been preparing for the past how many months was about to start. She arrived a bit late, because she wanted to make an entrance. She, Nicole bought an expensive dress and had her makeup done professionally for her shining moment, where she'd be speaking to a whole crowd of people.

She arrived by taxi to a posh hotel in Manila, where she is greeted by a kind-faced woman at the reception. The woman knew her, of course, as she was the keynote speaker in the event. She didn't even need to tell the kind receptionist her name! But the woman did not expect how Nicole would respond!

"Miss Nicole Cruz? Welcome! You may proceed inside to your table!"

"Hindi ka man lang ba tatayo? My God, napakabastos mo naman!"

As she walked past the receptionist, she noticed that the poor girl was actually in a wheelchair! She started to feel guilty and Nicole started to consider an apology, but she just hurriedly walked into the venue.

Once she was in, she was surprised to see gigantic LED screens on the venue-- all showing her face! Apparently, her entrance was being filmed for everyone to see! Surely, those millions of Churchgoers also witnessed how she treated that poor receptionist!

Nicole's face started to get red, and she had no choice but to bolt out of the place.

Just like that, the cat was out of the bag. The person who everyone thought was the best, holiest person in the room, actually could not practice what she preached.
Minsan Kung Sino Pa Talaga ang Nagpapakabanal, Siya pang May Pinakamasamang Ugali! Minsan Kung Sino Pa Talaga ang Nagpapakabanal, Siya pang May Pinakamasamang Ugali! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Saturday, February 09, 2019 Rating: 5