Silipin ang Patok na Bus Pa-Baguio na may sariling TV at CR!

There's nothing more relaxing than spending your free time in vacations. You can go on a trip with your family, your friends, and even your special someone. You can even travel with yourself to reflect on life and your journey.

Most often than not, the journey is as important as the destination. Discomfort on the road or during travelling can really ruin the moment, regardless of how beautiful the place is. The cramped space, the faulty air conditioning, and even sheer boredom can affect your disposition once you get to your desired place.

But the good thing is, you can travel comfortably and safely with the newest, and coolest bus from Genesis.

Meet the Joybus. A luxury bus offered by Genesis that travels from the Metro to Baguio. It has everything you need for a very affordable price.

Imagine having to pay less than 700 pesos for a better experience on the road?

If you don't believe us, here are the amazing features of this one of a kind bus!

First, you'll be greeted with an attendant upon getting in the bus. She will usher you to your seat, which is big and spacious enough for both horizontally and vertically gifted people!

If you're feeling hungry, they provide a bottle of water and some snacks to all passengers. Not only that, if you're bored, they have an entertainment system at the back of each chair that houses some pretty cool movies that you can watch! Talk about traveling in style!

And if you're feeling like you need to visit the loo, the Joybus has you covered! It actually has it's own toilet that is both clean and fragrant! It's not even to cramped inside!

My personal favorite in the Joybus are the blankets they provide for each passenger. It completed the experience, especially for me, who really likes to get cozy.

And since these features are available for you, the travel time gets cut down to only four hours! Imagine only waiting for a few hours before being amazed by the beauty of the Summer capital of the Philippines? How cool is that?

Have you ever ridden the Joybus by Genesis? Share us your experience below!

Source: The Trending Planet
Silipin ang Patok na Bus Pa-Baguio na may sariling TV at CR! Silipin ang Patok na Bus Pa-Baguio na may sariling TV at CR! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Sunday, February 17, 2019 Rating: 5