Silipin ang Pinag-uusapang Bonggang Mansyon ni Joel Cruz!

It's no secret that Joel Cruz is living the life after news of his numerous triumphs and making a family for himself.

Joel Cruz is a famous Perfume Maker and is known to be the "Lord of Scents" in the Philippines. With his perfume business, he was able to make a name for himself, and of course, provide him with a very wealthy life.

Now, he's been the talk of the town, especially in Baguio, for his majestic mansion right in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

His mansion, dubbed as the "White House of the Lord of Scents" is a massive place of about 3,000 square meters nested atop Camp John Hay. It's a four-storey building with a glass tower that features a cascading crystal chandelier.

People have been talking about Joel Cruz' mansion not just for being supremely beautiful, but also because of the controversy around its architecture.

You see, the mansion is not in theme with the iconic image of Baguio which is trying to preserve the picturesque scene of log cabins. In other words, it's sticking out like a sore thumb.

But, Joel Cruz is not bothered by these issues. And why would he? With its wide canopy entrance, winding staircases, and a scenic elevator, the Aficionado owner proved that he did not spare a single centavo for this masterpiece.

He was originally gunning for an all-white home but Joel Cruz settled for warmer tones because he found it too antiseptic-- or hospital-looking. His home is adorned with original pieces from Italy and Pampanga. It is a true marriage of traditional Italian styles with the modern take on Filipino themes.

The bedroom proves that Joel Cruz is really living like royalty, with its lavishly adorned bedroom complete with glass and bronze table, in tune with the master's bedroom theme.

But you might be surprised to know that Joel Cruz rarely stays in his majestic place. He is always travelling for business-- visiting countries like Japan, Brunei, Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Guam, and Indonesia.

Source: Inquirer
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