Who knew Dina Bonnevie was this beautiful in her heyday?

Nobody's denying the beauty and elegance of veteran actress, Dina Bonnevie. But the obvious became apparent after a photo of her began getting viral online. It sealed Dina's claim to be one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines.

At 58 years old, Dina still looks beautiful but with a dash of eloquence and finesse. She still looks radiant and gorgeous, regardless of her age.

Regardless of her apparent beauty, people were surprised to see a proof of her former glory in posted online. In a Facebook post uploaded by Ssenh Pascua to the group Memories of Old Manila.

In the photo, we can see a smiling young Dina Bonnevie in black and white. According to Ssenh, this was Dina Bonnevie in the 80's. Her image is just pure perfection!

Well, in all fairness to Dina, she started her showbiz career by winning Miss Magnolia 1979, a local beauty contest. She earned her spot as one of the leading ladies of Philippine films and television until she solidified her mark with mature roles thereafter.

Her career went uphill after marrying Vic Sotto. They starred in several sitcoms together like "Hindi Pa Tapos ang Labada", "Darling", and "Bakit ba Ganyan? (Ewan Ko Ba Darling)".

Beauty is not the only thing in Miss Bonnevie's arsenal. She has been recognized numerous times for her impressive acting chops. She has won Best Actress twice, both in 1987 for FAP and FAMAS Awards.

Dina actually left showbiz in 2005 to fix her business in the United States. Now that she's back into the spotlight, Dina is working under the Kapuso Network. You can watch her as Percilla Rodrigo-Larrazabal for GMA's "Cain at Abel".


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