Who Knew Eating Adidas or Chicken Feet has This Many Health Benefits?

Here in the Philippines, no part of a chicken goes to waste. With the prime meat sold in markets for citizens to make viands, all the other parts go to the grill. The chicken heads, feet, and even blood are cooked for filling snacks.

Growing up, you may have had your parents and other elders tell you to refrain from eating these "spare" chicken parts, but we are now learning that the adidas-- or the chicken feet-- actually has a lot of health benefits for those who regularly eat it!

First, if you eat a lot of chicken feet, you might cut down the cost of your skin care products! That's right-- adidas actually gives you fairer complexion and an overall younger look. That's because chicken skin is rich with collagen and hyaluronic acid, not to mention condroitin sulfate.

These are considered as the holy trio of the fountain of youth. Can you imagine getting skin benefits from such a thing as adidas?

Another thing that condroitin sulfate is good for is the maintenance of arthritis. Bones, skins, and tendons conmpose chicken feet, and there are no muscles.

So if you're having pain troubles with your own feet, then it might be time to up your consumption of chicken feet to augment such woes and greatly reduce your joint pain!

If you're not convinced about all these supposed health benefits, then don't take it from us! Take it from the long generation of Chinese martial artists who have incorporated chicken feet to their diets since time immemorial.

Would you need any more proof that looking at how healthy those martial artists are?

Now, if you're fully okay with eating chicken feet but are just reluctant because of how it is served in those small-time grills, then worry not! The truth is, you can cook chicken feet just like how you would cook all the other chicken parts.

You can feature it in your chicken soups, or even the famous Filipino adobo! If you really want all the aforementioned benefits without eating cheap grills on sticks, all you have to do is get creative!

Source: Pinoy News Blog

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