Ama ni Lou Yanong, Binasag ang Katahimikan sa Isyu ng Halikan sa PBB House!

Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette have been ¬in hot waters lately for their affectionate ways inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. Some netizens are saying there is nothing wrong with them kissing and being clingy, since this is supposed to be “teleserye ng totoong buhay” anyway.

That argument is convincing. After all, have you ever watched a teleserye that didn’t have even just a single kissing scene in it? If PBB wants to keep it as real as possible, then they have to be ready for these steamy, emotional moments. Not to mention the two housemates were under the influence of alcohol when the controversial kiss happened.

But then again, some other netizens think Lou and Andre went too far—as if they didn’t care what anyone would think of their little romantic scene.

In the end, though, it’s not the netizens sentiments that should matter to these two loverbirds. The only thing they must remember is that their loved ones are out there watching, too! One person who has been really vocal about this issue is Lou Yanong’s dad. He was rumored to be very affected by the issues surround his precious daughter!

The two housemates have since apologized for the incident, and Lou’s father seems to have put the whole thing behind him. In a feel-good video, he asked people, “Ano, gusto niyo pumasok na ako [dyan sa PBB house?]

It was terrifying at first, but it quickly turned comedic as Lou’s father and other people in the video started laughing! He wasn’t serious at all—that much is apparent! Well, for the rest of us, if Lou’s father seems to be unbothered by it all, what right do we have to still have an issue, right?

Let’s leave it now to the two housemates to figure out what will happen next.

Watch the video below to witness the whole thing:


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