Ang Cute ng Mga Babies! 10 Pinay Celebs na Nanganak Noong 2018

1. Iya Villania

If your first baby turned out to be as adorable as Primo Arellano, wouldn't you want more of him? Well, that's exactly what Drew Arellano and Iya Villania reckoned! They immediately locked Baby # 2, and Leon looks exactly as cute as his Kuya! Lucky to us all, we have a new instant apple of the eye!

2. Sarah Lahbati

Here's another mother who just can't have enough good genes! Together with husband Richard Gutierrez, Sarah welcomed Kai, who can look forward to a good life with Baby Zion as an elder sibling!

3. Pokwang

Now, this is one much-anticipated childbirth! You just know this baby is going to have an amazing time in this world. Even her name, Malia, suggests that she's one of a kind.

4. Jolina Magdangal

Momshie is an all-around mommy already, you might be surprised that she just welcomed her firstborn last year! With all her mother's amigas by her side, you just know she's never running out of love!

5. Cristalle Belo

If a baby's got a name like Hunter James, you just know the kid's gonna go on to be amazing! Well, Cristalle's baby had to spend quite some time at the NICU before his own mother could even hold him! As such, it seems he really deserves such an awesome name.

6. Alyanna Martinez

Did you know the handsome Albert Martinez became a grandfather last year? Yup, his daughter, the beautiful Alyanna Martinez gave birth to the beautiful Adalyn!

7. Lara Quigaman

Do we have another beauty queen in the making? Well, this one could actually join Mr. Universe instead! Tobias surely inherited the genes, anyway.

8. Jennica Garcia

Her second-born, Alexis, has a good life waiting ahead of him. How could you not if your mommy is an all-around Wonderwoman!

9. Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca is surely one of the best moms in local showbiz. Now, she has a second babe to look after, and it's a cutie princess named Carmen Eliana!

10. Ellen Adarna

Is it true or is it not? Your guess is as good as ours, but very reliable sources affirm that she has given birth to her firstborn.


Pokwang may have a lot of amazing things going on in her life, but that doesn't exempt her from the dark days that beset us all. Sometimes, even those who appear the happiest have all the reasons to let go and cry it out. Watch the video below to find out what reduced Pokwang to tears:

Source: The Trending Planet
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