Bilib na Bilib ang Netizens sa Fitness Transformation ng Babaeng Ito!

In this day and age, body shaming is out, and positivity is in. However, no matter how people try to forward this belief, the standards of beauty remains the same, especially here in the Philippines. You've got to be slim and white to be considered beautiful in our country. It's really a shame since our Austronesian origin gives us a much darker color, and overall different body shape from the Western build.

But, there is no harm in trying to bring out a better version of yourself. If you already feel beautiful, yet you feel unhealthy, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make some major life changes. And that's exactly what Aria Estrella did for herself.

You see, Aria was always one of the thicker girls. According to Aria, it's in there blood especially once they reach the age of 18. She was always the fat kid. Unfortunately, she gained more than necessary after a heart break which ultimately made her weigh 73 kilos!

But Aria finally said enough is enough when she overheard two women joking about her weight on the train. She tried enrolling in a gym but discovered that she'd rather workout at home using workout videos. She even fixed herself her own meal prep plan to keep her on the right track!

And all her hard work has finally paid off! After 5 months of discipline and dedication, Aria now weighs only 51 kilos. To everyone who is amazed by her stunning transformation here's a message from Aria:

"My current weight is 51 kilos. Pwede pong magwork or hindi sa inyo ang diet na ginawa ko. Iba iba po tayo ng katawan. Ibat iba rin po tayo ng experiences sa buhay. Ang maadvice ko po sa inyo is Love Yourself first. Surround yourself with positive people na tanggap kayo ano man ang size ng katawan nyo. Mga taong mahal kayo despite ng lahat ng pinagdadaanan nyo. Mga totoong tao na hindi kayo ijujudge sa mga decision at actions nyo sa buhay. Wala pong higit na mas magmahahal sayo kundi sarili mo. Besides ky God and Family ofcourse."

Aria is a proof that anything can be achieved with the right amount of wit and grit, with equal parts of support from family and friends. Way to go, Aria! You're an inspiration to us all!

On another note, here's another good news! Senator Mar Roxas and TV personality Korina Sanchez happily revealed that they now have twin babies! How is that even possible? Find out in the video below!

Source: KAMI
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