Bumuhos ang Luha ni Pokwang Sa Pagkawala ng Kanyang BFF na si Chokoleit!

Chokoleit's passing has been earning a lot of emotions from netizens and even from his industry friends. Of course, no pain compares to that being felt by his Forever Bestfriend Pokwang right now. But recently, her friendship is being questioned because of a playful comment she left on Chokoleit's Instagram before he met his end.

She was joking around of course, but it is being misconstrued as insensitive. This hurt a lot more than it's supposed to, because Pokwang did not just lose a bestfriend. She also lost her most trusted godmother for Baby Malia. Now, she has to live through the pain of having to explain to her baby why Ninang Pokwang is no longer around.

It may be sad, but Pokwang now feels the need to explain how her comment was not really insensitive. On Instagram, she wrote:

"Ganito tayo kabaliw maglaitan at mag-asaran na halos hindi maintindihan at masakyan ng iba ang kabaliwan natin, sineseryoso nila minsan kasi mas totoo ang friendship natin kapag nilalait natin ang isa't isa, pinaplastic natin ang isa't isa kapag panay ang papuri. Miss ka na namin agad Ninang Chokie. 

Wag kang mag-alala, isa sa unang dasal na ituturo ko kay [Malia] ay ang kapayapaan mo at ang manatili ka sa piling ni God."

Well, we now know Malia is going to grow up a fine kid. Aside from having an amazing woman like Pokwang for a mother, she also has an angel for a godmother!

For now though, BFF Pokwang will have to live with a little bit of guilt for not having been there for Chokie at the end. She was supposed to go to that last show Chokoleit did in Abra, but she had prior commitments! It was and will never be her fault, though. She was always a loyal and loving bestfriend, after all.

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