Dating Simpleng Tondo Boy ay Ngayon Isang Top Pulis Graduate Na Ng PNPA Ngayon!

When someone tells you that you won't amount to anything because of your roots, where you're born or under what conditions, you better not believe them. After all, man's success is not measured at birth, but in the end. In short, it's really not what you're born with that matters, but it's what you do with what you are born with that does.

Just take for example 24-year-old Jervis Allen Ramos. He is this year's top PNPA graduate. He leads 200 graduates of the Sansiklab Class, or the Sandigan ng Mamamayan na may Sigasig na Itaguyod ang Kapayapaan at Ipaglaban ang Bayan. He bested other graduates, even though most of them probably had more comfortable, more convenient backgrounds.

You see, Jervis Allen Ramos spent most of his childhood surviving in the slums of Tondo-- what many considers as the Metro's armpit. Together with his mother who sold palabok and cheap spaghetti for a living, Jervis had to make do with a rented one bedroom home, with but a tiny kitchen and bathroom. His father departed the world early, leaving him, his mother, and two other siblings, to fend for themselves.

Such worrying background did not stop Jervis Allen Ramos for aiming high, and reaching for his dreams. He wanted to be a cop, and stopped at nothing until he reached this point-- a few days from graduating.

Notably, he is joined in the Top 10 Graduates by 6 women.

Talk about beating the odds, right? As if that isn't impressive enough-- know that Jervis already holds a degree in Criminology, which he got from the University of Manila. He even ranked third when he sat for the Criminology Board exams 5 years ago!

Instead of being a hindrance, Ramos said his family's situation motivated him to finish strong. His late father also wanted to be a policeman, so he did everything in his loving memory. Surely, his dad is smiling down on him from heaven, and he'd be telling God, "That's my son!" when they call his name as the valedictorian.

Isn't it inspiring?


It's not just Jervis who has earned a commendable title for himself! Julia Barretto, for her part, also got her own recognition as Queen of the Flat Chested Community! Watch the video below to find out what she thinks about this:

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