Ganito Pala ang Pinapangarap na Dream House ni Maine Mendoza! Silipin Dito!

With her fame and eventually finding her true love, it looks like Maine Mendoza has it all. But did you know that Meng still dreams of getting her own mansion? A two-storey one complete with a pool, a movie room, and a garden? Yep that's right! Maine Mendoza still has a few things to check off her bucket list and she shared this and more during her exclusive interview for YES! Magazine.

It's her first time going solo in the cover of YES! Magazine, Summit Media's showbiz magazine, and she has entertained for us 100 questions that would make us get to know her more on a deeper level.

PEP gave us a sneek peak of what's in store for us in this issue. Aside from now being aware that Maine is dreaming of her very own mansion, Maine also tells us that the mansion would be placed overlooking the city. She commented that although she loves the sea, living there permanently might get too lonely for her. She also added that the house would have a black and white theme, a modern take to the classic mansion look.

Did you know that she's guilty of hoarding all hotel toiletries? Yes! Maine Mendoza gets those shampoo and soap tubes, and probably the toothbrushes, too! The interviewer from YES! told her though that it won't be considered stealing since she actually paid for it. But the funny girl said that she even takes the toiletries of the next room, especially when she stays at hotel rooms abroad.

Surprisingly though when asked if she could trade bodies with anyone, she actually chose Alden Richards.

"Kaya ko lang gusto makipag-trade sa kanya, gusto ko lang malaman kung ano’ng ginagawa niya, mga pinupuntahan niya sa araw-araw. Kasi parang meron siyang mga one hundred na commitment sa isang araw."

"Totoo po. As in, sa isang araw, ilang events. Apat, sunud-sunod. Naiintriga po ako. ’Tapos, minsan may mga personal pang lakad. Aba, nasisingitan mo pa talaga ng ano, ayun."

She also admitted that she wanted to get invisibility powers and follow Alden all around, especially inside the bathroom!

Well, this interview proved that Maine Mendoza is still a simple girl with big dreams. She also proved that she has no bad feelings towards Alden and it looks like they are still friends. With this interview, Maine also proved that she and Alden aren't awkward no matter how different things are now.

Source: PEP
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