Ginang, Sarap na Sarap Daw sa Asawa ng Kanyang Mismong Anak!

It's a wife's worst nightmare to learn that her husband has engaged in an elicit relationship with someone else, but how would you feel if the woman that your husband is seeing behind your back is your very own mother? I'm sure you'd feel nothing but devastation after hearing such news. But sadly, that's the reality for Monica Solmay.

You see, Monica learned that her own mother treats her husband, Eman as more than a son -- especially after hearing how they do nasty things in bed. The poor woman discovered their relationship after sifting through her husband's phone. Oh how she wished it wasn't true.

But the sad wife had to face the truth. Her husband Eman Solmay had been in a relationship with her own mother, Amelia Anyog. She mustered up some courage but because she was afraid to confront her husband and mother alone, she sought the help of Raffy Tulfo to face her family. She, along with her sister Maricel, went to Raffy Tulfo to get some help in talking with her husband and mother.

First, Raffy asked Monica what pieces of evidence did she have to say that her mother is in relationship with her husband. Monica proceeded to tell him that she has read their conversations with her mother professing her love for her husband, while her husband keeps alluding to their many adventures in bed.

When Raffy called Amelia, the mother first denied the allegations. She even said that the "I love yous" where for everyone in their family. But when Raffy and Monica prodded further, she eventually affirmed the allegations. Amelia said she had no choice because Eman was threatening her if she says a word about their encounters.

This prompted Raffy to call Eman on the other line. Without hesitation, Eman confessed that he is doing his wife's mother behind her back. He begged and cried for Monica to forgive him and invited her over to live in Mindoro. But Monica declined and said she can never forgive or forget what both of them did. Monica even stated that she had been miserable ever since they got together. The foolish husband also admitted to using weeds that prompted him to do his dirty deeds

Raffy, then commanded Eman that he should not threaten both Monica and Amelia and to fix up his act. After the call, Eman immediately resigned from his work in the city and moved back to Mindoro, without his wife and kids. Monica confirmed, however, that Eman will continue supporting his family even without seeing them face to face.

What do you think about the situation? Should Monica give her family a second chance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Also, Raffy Tulfo played the conversation between Amelia and Eman and asked his viewers if there was any sign of threat in the recording. To know what they talked about, watch the full episode here:


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