Hanep sa Pangalan! Ito Pala Ang Buong Pangalan ng Mga One-Name Celebrities na Ito!

Didn't it amaze you when you first learned that most celebrities don't use their real names? It's really cool finding out a star's full name, especially when it's very far from their screen names, right?

A while back, single-word screen names became a thing. In Hollywood, you have the  and likes of Rihanna and Jay-z.

Here in the homefront, we had Charice, Kyla, and others. Here are 8 local celebrities with solo-word screen names. You'd be surprised to find out their full names, which are kinda far-fetched from their pseudonyms!

1. Nina

You know her one-of-a-kind voice. You also know her as Nina, or simply the Birit Queen. To be fair, 'Nina' is really part of her full name! It's pretty long, though -- Marifil Nina Barinos Girado-Enriquez. Amazing, right?

2. Jaya

Speaking of powerful singers, we also have Asia's Soul Diva, whom we all know as Jaya. Did you know that her full name is actually Maria Luisa Ramsey Kagahastian-Gotidoc. Okay, we can all go back to calling her Jaya.

3. Karylle

Solo-nickames are really a thing among singers, don't you think? Well, Karylle's full name is actually Ana Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon!

4. Kyla

Over in the R&B side, we also have a beautiful one-name songbird, that's Kyla. Who would have thought she is Melanie Hernandez Calumpad-Alvarez in real life?

5. Abra

Even in the fliptop side of things, we have Abra. Well, that could've been a creative idea so he could still easily introduce his name in his fliptop battles. After all, what would rhyme with Raymond Abracosa?

6. Gloc-9

If you're a fan and have heard all of his songs, then you already know Gloc's full name! This rapper takes his screen name because the speed by which he throws words down is like that of a Gloc, but in reality his name is Aristotle Pollisco (Si Gloc ba kamo? Mismo!)

7. Tekla

Comedians are also fond of using creative nicknames for comedic effect. After all, would you be in the mood to laugh or would you be more scared of someone whose name is Romeo Librada?

8. Mahal

Capping of this list is another comedian. Before we all came to know Mahal as Mahal, her family and friends knew her as Noemi Tesorero!

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Source: KAMI
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