Hindi Napigilang Bumwelta si Kris Aquino sa Joke ni Bong Go at Philip Salvador

Senatorial candidate Bong Go is making hot headlines because of his political skit with actor Phillip Salvador. Apparently, not everyone was amused when the politician told Salvador in jest, "Naloko mo nga si Kris Aquino, eh!"

Many netizens said the joke was made in bad taste, and was really unbecoming for a future lawmaker, should he ever win in the elections.

In particular, though, one person who did not appreciate that joke is the very subject of the joke: The Queen of all Media Kris Aquino.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she said she has never done anything against Bong Go, which is why she can't understand why he would make such an underhanded joke about her personality.

"Wala po akong atraso sa inyo SAP Bong Go. I have only had good words for you pero sana sa paglilingkod nyo para sa mga Pilipino bilang Senador (i know you are a SURE WINNER), sana priority niyo rin po and mga kababaihan."

Graciously, Kris Aquino made a request that if Bong Go successfully secures a seat in the senate-- that he may include the welfare of women in his advocacies-- instead of just taking them a as a joke.

"Kris Aquino na ko pero madaling gawing "joke" na "naloko" ako ng ama ng panganay ko. Nagtrabaho ako, at hindi ako pinabayaan ng pamilya ko. But what about the women without financial security and family?

Sorry ha-- minalas - nandun kasi yung "NALOKO"... nakadapa na po, nung pinanood ulit at narinig yung tawanan ng audience, isa pang sampal sa taong umaamin, matatalo sya."

Bong Go has since apologized for the incident, but Kris clarified that more than anything, he was disappointed with Ipe. After all, she said she never said anything bad about the actor, even though he failed to support his son for 16 long years!

In a statement, Phillip said he has and will always respect Kris Aquino as the mother of his son. Knowing Kris, she will move on and forget about this, but now it's up to the netizens to decide if they are forgiving enough to elect a legislative member-- who makes light of fooling and misleading women.


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Source: KAMI
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