Ikinainis ng Netizens ang Ginawang Muli Nito Nina Lou at Andre sa PBB!

Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong are two of the most famous housemates for the current season of Pinoy Big Brother, PBB Otso. That's because they are unafraid to show their love and adoration for each other despite being in front of the camera almost 24/7. They've been through a lot of controversies. But much of these stem from their public display of affection almost everywhere. Fans and netizens alike have had mixed reactions about the whole thing. Some think that it's quite inappropriate given that kids do watch the show, Meanwhile, others argue that for this to be a real reality show, people inside the house must be able to do anything they feel like doing, and a part of this is love.

But throughout the episodes of PBB Otso, we've seen some developments in the character of both Andre and Lou. This was seen after their controversial kiss during the pool party thrown by Big Brother for the housemates. Lou and Andre were repentant for their actions while not sober and promised not to do that again. And with the visit of Lou's father, Michael Yanong, for the girl's birthday, Andre again apologized to the father of the woman he likes.

We all thought that this fiasco has ended, especially since learning that Andre will be transferring to Camp Star Hunt. Well, the lovebirds are now under fire after yet another display of affection.

In a video that is now viral in YouTube, you can see Lou's long hair while she leans towards a sitting Andre. We don't know if it's actually a kiss or how long that was for, but the rest of the housemates look considerably uncomfortable.

Netizens say that if Lou can't respect herself by continuing to be clingy with Andre, then she should at least respect the rest of the housemates that she is living with. The producers of the show or the top management should actually do something about this intolerable behavior since they say that it promotes promiscuity among the youth.

Well in this day and age, traditions are being challenged and culture is adapting. If Lou and Andre's behavior is now the norm, what will you say to your children about this? Can you tolerate their behavior?


Love is clearly in the air. That's true for both Andre and Lou; and you can also say the same for Ina Raymundo and her husband. Her 14-year-old kid is a testament of their love, and why not? The young boy looks so good! Watch this to learn more:

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