Kawawang Ama at Tatlong Anak, Ipinagpalit ng Misis sa Karelasyong Tomboy!

In this day and age, it is no longer taboo to be a homosexual, or to have relationships with someone of the same gender. However, this does not give anyone the right to break hearts and families. This means that whatever gender you identify with, you are expected to be a decent person, unlike this woman who is being complained by her husband. 

It all started when Bernadette told her husband that she wanted to work as a domestic helper. However, her husband was puzzled when just after a week of "working," she already came home with a bunch of expensive stuff.

One time, the husband commuted to pick his wife at "work." Surprisingly, she wasn't where she said she was. That's when the husband started to dig around social media. That's when he confirmed that Bernadette wasn't even working-- she was just shacking up with a lover of the same gender!

The most painful part about all this is that-- Bernadette actually has three kids that she left in the care of her husband just to run away with another girl! Of the three children, only one owned to the complainant-- the youngest one. The first two were Bernadette's kids with other guys! Don't you think it's unfair that she left her children under the care of a man that is not even their father!

Upon further prodding, the man found out that the children actually knew about their mother's affair! How heartbreaking could that have been?

When the man confronted his wife, she no longer denied that she has a relationship with the butch. She cried, and explained that she was scared of what the lesbian would do to her if she broke her heart!

After a while, though, Bernadette simply stopped coming home.

This utterly broke the heart of her husband, who is now at a loss and just wants to speak with his wife!

Raffy Tulfo of course wants the man and wife to reconcile, and to be fair, he did his best.

To find out how the rest of this controversial story unraveled, watch this video:

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