Matapos Mapagtripan ng mga Katrabaho, BB Gandanghari Naospital!

BB Gandanghari's s3xual orientation is no longer a secret in the Philippines. She is a proud transgender who decided to leave her fame behind and get a fresh start in the United States. We can remember how most of her fans were happy about this development, knowing full well that other countries were more accepting and more accustomed to the likes of BB.  However, BB soon learned that the grass isn't that much greener on the other side.

You see, BB recently took to social media her current status in the United States. Last March 20, BB was hospitalized and in the caption, she shared the reason why.

"Say NO to workplace BULLLYING".

"What would you do when you’re transgender and your personal and professional boundaries are being violated and attacked in a work environment who claims to be a SAFE ZONE for people like me?"

It turns out, BB was discriminated in her workplace for being a transgender woman. As an effect, she experienced hyper tension caused by emotional stress and anxi3ty. BB has chosen not to reveal what actually happened, but we expect her to divulge more information soon, probably after getting released form Urgent Care. All we know for now is that BB's situation got even worse after this incident.

This is sad news because prior to this, we were told that BB was having a wonderful time working in the States. She was even ecstatic about her name and gender reassignment documents went through! She was so thankful to the United States for affording its people this basic right.

After this incident, though, we are learning that there are practically bigots everywhere, even in places we thought would be more progressive than the rest of the world. We just hope BB recovers even more fiercely after this unfortunate event!

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Source: ABS-CBN News
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