Misis at Hipag, Muntik Nang Magkasapakan Nang Dahil sa Kabit ni Mister!

Oftentimes, you would hear elders say that a husband and wife must keep the details of their relationship private and just between the two of them. That's because the more people know, the more people get in the way of resolving problems. Just take for instance what happened in Raffy Tulfo's show just recently.

If it was just Glenda and Gerardo Piawan, they could have settled their marital issues after a short time. However, as you can see, Gerardo got her sisters involved. And we all know it could get ugly when women get in each other's nerves! This is how it unfolded.

Recall that this episode is just a continuation of the first one, where Glenda sought the help of Raffy Tulfo in setting her husband straight. Glenda said her husband would spend all their savings in a casino-- incidentally the same casino he frequents with his side woman! This second follow-up episode happened because the husband wanted to defend himself. Of course, he was given the chance to do so.

However, he tried to deny allegations about her side woman, and the money he reportedly spent on her without her wife's consent. Still, Glenda was able to provide enough proof for all of those claims. Glenda even had their grown son testify how Gerardo would sometimes lay hands on her.

Even Gerardo's mother came up a few times in the conversation, which was a little off-putting given his and his wife's age! I mean, at this point, these two should be able to resolve their issues without anyone running to mommy, right?

Well, it must have been so dysfunctional if they had to go on national TV to solve some marital problems. Good thing that Raffy Tulfo was able to get in between, but not before Glenda and her husband's sister exchanged a few blows!

To watch these unbelievable scenes, check out the whole episode:

Baby Z will become a big sister soon, but it seems like she's not yet ready for someone to take away the spotlight from her! Check out how adorable she is in this new look:

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