Nagbenta ng Katawan ang Dalagang Ito Dahil sa Pangangailangan, Di Niya Inaasahan na Ito Pa Ang Unang Customer Niya!

"How could you do this to me?" Audrey asked her boyfriend James, while showing her a crumpled photograph. The picture showed James kissing Audrey's own bestfriend, Jessica.

"Millions of women in the world and you had to choose my bestie as your side chick? You disgust me!"

James tried to explain himself, that it was all just an accident, but what woman will believe that? Fuming, Audrey walked away and headed home with tears in her eyes. She thought, "All men really are the same."

But she forgot all the sorrows in her heart when she walked in their simple home and saw her beloved mother sprawled on the ground. Sadness turned to panic. "Mama? Mama! What happened?"

Everything happened in a blur. All Audrey could remember was the ringing in her ears, and the resounding blare of sirens as an ambulance pulled up to their gate. The next thing she knew, she was in front of her mother's attending physician.

"Your mother had an anuerism. We need at least P120,000 if we want to save her life."

After that conversation, Audrey knew exactly where to go.

"Oooh, so you finally considered my offer! Don't worry, mija, big money awaits you. Your first booking is tomorrow. Make sure to take a long bath, shave everything down there, and put on some nice undies. Meet your client at VC Hotel. Don't be late!"

For years, Audrey just smiled timidly whenever their neighborhood p!mp would ask her to join her band of girls who sell themselves for a living. Tough luck, Audrey thought, as she lay in the hotel bed, waiting for her first customer. A few tears escaped her eyes, but she strengthened her resolve by picturing her mother in the hospital. She swallowed hard when she heard the knock on the door.

She fixed her hair and wiped away her tears. But when she opened the door, she could not believe her own eyes.

"James? Please don't tell me you're the one who booked me? Aren't you done humiliating me with what you did with Jessica?"

"Well, I paid P150,000 for this one night with you. You can't turn around now," James said.

Already despising herself, Audrey started to strip, but James held her hands firmly. "What are you doing??" James asked his ex-girlfriend.

"Isn't this what you wanted?"

James looked at her with pity, and said, "No, my love, I booked you for the night so I can explain myself."

"I heard what happened to your mother and I watched you approach Madame Icy. My heart couldn't take it knowing what you are about to do. Luckily, I still have the money I was saving for our wedding, so I used it to pay your mother's medical bills. So now here we are."

Audrey's eyes were already brimming with tears, but she didn't want to be lied to again.

"You love me, huh? Then how come you kissed my best friend?"

James explained himself. Jessica threw herself at him, and let a friend snap a photo of the exact moment she pecked James for a kiss. James immediately turned away at that moment, but Jessica already got what she wanted.

"She wanted you gone, so she can have me. But it has always been just you, Audrey. You're the only one I love."

Overcome with emotion, Audrey welcomed James into her embrace, apologizing for judging him so easily.

"I love you so much, my James. I can't believe you'd still be the one to save my mother's life after I refused to listen to you and take you back, just because of what I think you did! You don't need to apologize. I should be the one saying sorry!'

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Nagbenta ng Katawan ang Dalagang Ito Dahil sa Pangangailangan, Di Niya Inaasahan na Ito Pa Ang Unang Customer Niya! Nagbenta ng Katawan ang Dalagang Ito Dahil sa Pangangailangan, Di Niya Inaasahan na Ito Pa Ang Unang Customer Niya! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Saturday, March 23, 2019 Rating: 5