Nilagyan ng Babaeng Ito ng Sili Ang Ari ng Kanyang Ate na Baldado Dahil Panay ang Pag-ihi sa Kama. Ito ang Naging Karma Niya.

Abbie and Elsie lost their parents at a young age. Being older by 6 years, Elsie took on the responsibility of caring for her younger sister. However, Abbie never seems to appreciate any of it. Instead of studying hard to honor the sacrifice of her elder sister, she got herself pregnant. And even when her daughter, Patricia, was already growing up, Abbie still did not learn to be responsible. She continued her partying and meeting lots of boys. Her Ate Elsie had no choice but to care for Patricia as well. Fortunately, Patricia is a sweet, well-mannered girl who was very fond of her Tita.

"Look, Tita, I'm on the dean's list again!" Patricia told her aunt one day.

"That's fantastic, baby! I love you! Why don't you show your mommy your grades also?"

Patricia's shoulders slumped. "Never mind, she doesn't care."

True enough, Abbie came home and didn't even look at the two of them. She was so busy in her own world. She only spoke to her sister to ask for her allowance, as if she was still a teenager. Elsie has to work three different jobs just to support them all, since she's the only one working.

One day, however, she fell critically !ll. She got confined to the bed after years of overexerting herself from work. Patricia took good care of her, but she also had her own stuff to worry about as a graduating college student. When Abbie and Elsie are left alone at home, Abbie is always just in a bad mood, lamenting how she doesn't have any money since Elsie can no longer work.

After spending a long, tiring day in school, Patricia came home one time to the sound of her beloved Tita Elsie wailing-- as if she was in so much pain!

"Ay, Tita, what happened?"

Elsie hesitated before she answered: "Your mother.. she put chili inside my undergarments because I peed on the bed for the third time. But I can't help it, Anak, I'm too frail to even go to the bathroom!"

Patricia cried out of pity for her aunt.

Soon after that, Elsie went on to meet the Creator.

Abbie was relieved she no longer has to take care of her s!ck sister, but Patricia was inconsolable. She lost her second mom, who was even a better mom than her own. 

Many years passed and Patricia grew up to be a successful businesswoman. It wasn't long before it was Abbie's turn to be old and frail, confined to the bed. After her third str0ke, she could no longer get up by herself.

One time, Patricia caught her peeing the bed. As if in a state of craze, Patricia rummaged through all the contents of their fridge. Finally, she found what she was looking for: a huge bowl of red chili peppers.

Abbie's eyes popped wide open when she realized what her own daughter was about to do.

"My daughter, my daughter, please don't do that to me," Abbie begged, crying so hard.

"Isn't this exactly what you did to my Tita Elsie? Huh, mom? Now let's see if you enjoy it."

Abbie could only close her eyes and brace for the worst pain she has ever felt in her entire life. In the middle of it all, she cried out, "My dear Ate Elsie, I'm very sorry! I'm so sorry, I should have been a better sister to you, back when you were healthy and even more when your body began to give up!"

"I... I'm so sorry."

What do you think is the lesson to be learned in this story? Would you have done the same to your own mother if you were in Patricia's shoes? Let us know in the comments section below.


Life is not always bright and sunny, even when you're a comedian. Pokwang, for instance, cannot contain her emotions sometimes. She ends up crying, as she did in this video:

Nilagyan ng Babaeng Ito ng Sili Ang Ari ng Kanyang Ate na Baldado Dahil Panay ang Pag-ihi sa Kama. Ito ang Naging Karma Niya. Nilagyan ng Babaeng Ito ng Sili Ang Ari ng Kanyang Ate na Baldado Dahil Panay ang Pag-ihi sa Kama. Ito ang Naging Karma Niya. Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Thursday, March 21, 2019 Rating: 5