Sobra ang Pagtitiis ng Nurse na Ito sa Ugali ng Matanda Niyang Alaga, Ganito Pa Pala Ang Isusukli sa Kanya sa Huli!

Kimberly let out a heavy sigh before entering the room of her elderly patient. She forced herself to smile while wheeling in the third bowl of porridge she prepared for the old woman in a single morning. Ma'am Consolacion spat out the first one she prepared for being too cold, and threw the second bowl to the floor for being too salty.

Before she could even offer Consolacion the fresh bowl of porridge, she was already scowling at the young nurse. Kimberly still blew into the ladle of porridge, and tried to feed it to the old woman.

The spoon barely touched the old woman's mouth when she swatted it to the side, saying it was "too watery."

"Kimberly, you are so very useless!"

Kim was deeply hurt, but she still made an effort to understand where the old woman was coming from. You see, the care center has a rule that when patients refuse to eat for three days straight, their relatives will be called in for a visit.

Kimberly knew that Consolacion just wanted the chance to see her kids, who not once visited her since they dropped her off in the elderly care center 5 years ago.

"Ma'am Consolacion, you must eat this food so you can grow stronger!" insisted Kimberly.

The elder woman did not expect that the young nurse would answer her like that. She proceeded to hurl her slipper towards the poor girl, while exclaming, "Do not tell me what to do because you are just an employee! You do not care about me, you only care about your salary!"

At this point, Kim knew she had to defend herself. She said, "That's where you're wrong, Ma'am Consolacion! I have a heart! Even though you always scream that I'm useless, even if you never appreciate any of the things I do for you, I love you! I care about you!"

Consolacion fell silent and Kim left the room.

Heartbroken and in tears, Kim decided to take a little nap in the nurse's lounge first. She was awoken hours later with a colleague gently waking her up to tell her that Consolacion breathed her last while Kimberly was asleep.

Kim found herself with the same tears she nursed before falling asleep. Indeed, she really loved the old woman, despite everything.

To the young nurse's surprise, Consolacion's children arrived in a heartbeat when they found out that their mother had kicked the bucket.

They were there in an instant, eager to know what their mother had left for them in her will.

The lawyer started to read it out loud.

"The property in Marikina goes to Michaela. JP, you get the small grocery in Makati. Marcy, take the three cars and distribute it to my granchildren."

The kids inched closer to hear the next thing, as everyone was anticipating who will get the huge house in Valle Verde-- and of course, Consolacion's remaining millions in the bank.

Nobody expected what the lawyer read out loud next:

"The main mansion and all my remaining money in the bank-- which is close to 10 Million Pesos, will go to someone who took care of me, who never abandoned me when everyone else did, someone who was never disgusted to give me a bath or wash my behind when I couldn't.. that's Kimberly.

Consolacion's children looked up to the young nurse in shock, but they couldn't do anything.

Kimberly wiped a tear from her eye, and thanked her most stubborn patient-- silently and in prayer.


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Sobra ang Pagtitiis ng Nurse na Ito sa Ugali ng Matanda Niyang Alaga, Ganito Pa Pala Ang Isusukli sa Kanya sa Huli! Sobra ang Pagtitiis ng Nurse na Ito sa Ugali ng Matanda Niyang Alaga, Ganito Pa Pala Ang Isusukli sa Kanya sa Huli! Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Friday, March 08, 2019 Rating: 5