Take a Look at Katrina Halili’s Beautiful House in El Nido, Palawan Also Known as “Katrina’s Farm”

It's a known fact that celebrities earn a ton of money. Aside from the consistent projects from networks and production houses, they also earn for several endorsements that could be millions for just one contract! However, it's also known that not all celebrities know how to handle their hard earned cash. That's why we sometimes see the sad fate of such showbiz personalities who suddenly lives on the street -- in other words, they ultimately become poor.

Because it is also known that the life in the entertainment industry is not permanent, someone can replace you so easily, someone younger, prettier, and more talented, these celebrities must know how and where to invest.

Take Katrina Halili, for instance. She has been in the entertainment industry for several years now. She was once one of the biggest names in Philippine television. She also had several endorsements and movies come her way. Now that she's keeping a quiet life, free from controversies, Katrina is proving to be one wise woman.

Just marvel at her newest investment: her very own house in El Nido Palawan!

It's a majestic 13-hectare farm that houses not just this gorgeous home, but has farm animals, too!

Inside the house proper, you can see a blown up photo of Katrina Halili that is lovely to behold! It's right beside the spiral staircase that leads to the private quarters and guest rooms.

In tune with the theme of Palawan, the property looks straight out of paradise. This patio leads to the farm which was aptly nicknamed as "Katrina's Farm".

The thematic wood, warm and green tones, are seen all around the house. It even looks like Katrina prioritized space and comfort in her newest home. Her living room is quite spacious and has a high ceiling. It's adorned by a single amber chandelier.

Katrina entrusted the whole project to her mother, Malou, who did not disappoint.

And if you're wondering what the master's bedroom looks like, well here it is! It's just a simple wide room that has its bathroom visible from the bed itself, with just vines and flowers as its curtains.

The house is predominantly made out of varnished Narra that adds to its nature feels.

Katrina's house also has 2 guest bedrooms to accommodate family and friends.

Katrina is now part of GMA's newest show, "TODA one I love" as Georgina Ferreira. She is cast along with other stars like Kylie Paadilla, Ruru Madrid, and Tina Paner.

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Take a Look at Katrina Halili’s Beautiful House in El Nido, Palawan Also Known as “Katrina’s Farm” Take a Look at Katrina Halili’s Beautiful House in El Nido, Palawan Also Known as “Katrina’s Farm” Reviewed by Daryl Madrid on Sunday, March 03, 2019 Rating: 5