Top 5 Pinoys na Nagpa-Wow sa Buong Mundo Dahil sa Kanilang Talent!

Filipinos have always been a threat when it comes to international talent competitions. We don't know if it's the fiesta culture or the long-Christmastime tradition, but showing talent is just a big part of being a Filipino.

That's why it's no longer surprising that Filipino acts have garnered a lot of recognition in various competitions all around the globe. Let's list down the most memorable Pinoys who captivated the world with their talent:

1. Jessica Sanchez

Now, who could forget rooting for this small, morena Pinay in American Idol? Every week she would come up with a fantastic, creative performance that would get the whole country cheering on. Do you remember that legendary duet with Jennifer Holiday where they sang And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)?

Everyone thought she would go on to win the whole thing, but then it was handed to Philip Phillips, much to the dismay of Jessica's fans all over the world.

2. Angelica Hale

Just in 2017, America's Got Talent was shook with the arrival of Filipina Angelica Hale. Her groundbreaking rendition of Girl on Fire earned her not just one, but two golden buzzers-- the first contestant to ever achieve that feat in the competition. 

3. 4th Impact

Filipinos are slaying it all not just in the U.S.-- but also in the United Kingdom! Do you know the Wembley Arena that even Rihanna cannot fill herself? Well, this Filipina group got a standing ovation in that venue-- for the 12th season of X-Factor U.K.

They went on to win overall 5th in that contest.

4. Jasmine Trias

There's a lot of new talent out there, but who could forget how Jasmine Trias set the stage for all this way back 2004? Before Jessica Sanchez, Jasmine first broke ground for Filipinos in the American Idol Stage back then-- to become the first Filipina to make it to the competition's Final Three!

5. TNT Boys

Now, this one needs no further introduction. They are still touring the world performing for many seasoned artists-- all of whom can't help but be amazed by the amount of sheer talent this trio brings to the table.


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Source: KAMI
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