WATCH: Lou Yanong's 18th Birthday Celebration Viral on Social Media

Real, chill, and fearless-- that is how Lou Yanong describes herself. Indeed, since she entered the famous PBB House as one of the adult housemates, netizens started to appreciate how strong of a woman she really is, young as she was.

Lou is also beautiful and incredibly talented, one can only wonder how she got to be so lucky! Now, because of this video recently posted by Lou's sister, the public is starting to understand how Lou's upbringing really helped shape her to be the woman she is today.
They say a person is never more herself than when she's surrounded by her closest family. This means that if you really want to get to know someone, then you should observe how he or she deals with her family. After all, that is the foundation of her whole being!

Over the weekend, Lou's sister Nikki dug up a 3-year-old video. It gave Lou's fans all the feels and all the reasons to love their idol more.

See, the video was a same-day-edit of Lou's 18th birthday celebration. Understandably, since it is a debut, the festivities were grand and all of Lou's family members and friends showed up. Now, here's the catch: the whole celebration was planned as a surprise!

If you have ever attended or organized a debut, you know how difficult it could get. Now, imagine doing all that without the actual debutant telling you what she wants, and what she doesn't.

Pulling off a surprise like this and actually having to conceptualize everything couldn't have been easy, so it's easy to understand that Lou is truly loved and cherished by the family she came from. It's no wonder she grew up to be classy and well-mannered!

Upon realizing what her family has done for her, Lou becamse overwhelmed with emotions. Her gratefulness was such a sight to watch, as it is concrete proof that her family's love is deeply reciprocated.

Lou's fans were able to see her in a whole new light after watching this video, and they believe Andre-- Lou's love interest inside the PBB house, would fall even deeper in love with her once he sees this video!

To catch a glimpse of the said same-day-edit video, watch this:


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