Yen Santos, Bet Di Umano Maging Jowa si King of Talk Boy Abunda?

When you are part of a love team fandom, you sometimes have to deal with heartbreak moments like your idols not having enough projects, or seeing them paired with other stars aside from the other half of their love teams!

That's why many fans hate it when a third party gets in the way. For instance, in the teleserye Halilk, everyone was rooting for the characters of Yen Santos and Jericho Rosales to end up together.

It's way too painful to watch them getting emotionally taxed! Apparently, we don't have to worry about the real-life Yen Santos. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she hasn't had a boyfriend in four years!

That might seem a long, lonely time, but that also means that Yen has been spared from irrevocable heartbreak. She could be living the single, worry-free life!

Still, Yen Santos is still giving Mr. Right a chance. After all, she said the only reason she remained single all these years is that she's saving herself for the one. She doesn't want any pseudo-relationships anymore. She says she wants her next boyfriend to be the one she spends forever with.

It might be hard to come looking for the one, so it might not be such a bad idea to expand one's horizons a bit. For instance, reporters asked Yen if she would ever consider falling in love with a gay man.

Yen said, why not? She even used Ogie Diaz as an example that gay men could actually have an amazing family life! However, she said she recognized that Ogie is a taken man, so she wouldn't be silly enough to fall in love with him.

If anything, she said she'd go for the King of Talk, Boy Abunda!

Can you imagine if these two actually ended up together?

Source: KAMI
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